IPv4 Sale and Rent

We offer the brokerage service in IPv4 address space rental and sale.

Current rates are:

          IPv4 PA permanent transfer, per IP:

  • Bid: ASK!
  • Sale: 9.85 EUR

          IPv4 PI (provider independent), per IP:

  • Bid: ASK!
  • Sale: 15 EUR

          IPv4 lease, per IP per month:

  • Bid: ASK!
  • Sale: 1.00 EUR

NEW! IPv4 rentback!!! We will buy your IPv4 address space, pay all money to you. Then we rent it back to you! We fix the rent rate for all contract term, and shall not be able to close the rental agreement by our own.

Please, contact info@smileinvest.cz for details!